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FDA's Key Principles of Scientific Integrity

1. Fostering a culture firmly committed to science-based, data-driven decision making that is accurate and transparent;

2. Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the scientific workforce by providing support to all staff including but not limited to all genders, sexes, races, ethnicities, disabilities, and backgrounds;

3. Shielding the Agency’s science and its scientific staff from political interference and providing effective avenues for scientific staff to report and resolve scientific integrity concerns;

4. Facilitating the free flow of scientific and technical information, to the extent permitted by law;

5. Protecting the integrity of scientific data and ensuring its accurate presentation, including the underlying assumptions and uncertainties;

6. Requiring a fair and transparent approach to resolving internal scientific disputes, including hearing and carefully considering differing interpretations and viewpoints;

7. Supporting whistleblower protections;

8. Selecting and promoting scientists based on their knowledge, expertise, and personal integrity, and fostering the professional development of our scientific staff;

9. Maintaining openness and selecting qualified advisory committee members based on expertise, with appropriate and transparent processes to address any conflicts of interest; and

10. Allowing FDA staff to communicate their personal scientific or policy views to the public, even when those views differ from official Agency opinions.

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