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FDA Listing of U.S. Industries

For information and advice regarding the "Listing of U.S. Industries," a listing of all U.S. Companies publicly traded on stock exchanges within the United States and whether the company is currently an acceptable or prohibited investment option for FDA public and confidential financial disclosure report filers, please contact the Ethics and Integrity Staff specialist for your designated Center/Office below:

OC, CBER Erika Jordan Erika.Jordan@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-9653
CDER Erika Campbell Erika.Campbell@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-5518
CDER George Dapolito George.Dapolito@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-4815
CDRH, CFSAN Jackie Walder Jacqueline.Walder@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-5515
CVM, ORA John Gomez John.Gomez@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-5522
NCTR, ORA Russell Ryan Russell.Ryan@FDA.HHS.GOV (301) 827-7780