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Volume 9

Reference List

Reference 4 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from E. Jensen, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, August 2, 2002

Reference 7 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from K. Morehouse, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, July 15, 2005

Reference 8 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4695 from I. Chen, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, April 7, 2003

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Reference 25 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from R. Merker, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA January 2, 2003

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Reference 35 - Memorandum form Food additives Evaluation Branch, HFF-156 to C. Takaguchi, Ph.D., Petition Control Branch, December 28, 1982

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Reference 41 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from R. Sotomayer, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, April 28, 2003

Reference 42 - Sommers C.H., and R.H. Schiestl, "2-Dodecylcylobutanone does not induce mutations in the Salmonella mutagenicity test or intrachromosomal recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, J Food Prot. 67(6): 1293-8 (2004) Published Material

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Reference 50 - Rao, C., "Do Irradiated Foods Cause or Promote Colon Cancer?" Division of Nutritional Carcinogenesis, Institute for Cancer Prevention, American Health Foundation - Cancer center, Valhalla, NY (Unpublished, 2003) FDA notes that this article has now been published as a commentary in Nutr. and Cancer, 46(2): 107-109 (2003) Published Material

Reference 52 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from T. Twaroski, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, July 14, 2005

Reference 53 - Mori H., Yamada Y., Kuno, T., and Y. Hirose, "Aberrant crypt foci and B-catenin accumulated crypts; significance and roles for colorectal carcinogenesis," Mut. Res., 566: 191-208 (2004) Published Material

Reference 54 - Kesavan, P.C. and P.V. Sukhatame. "Summary of the Technical Report on the Data of NIN," Hyderabad and BARC. Bombay on the Biological Effects of Freshly Irradiated Wheat. Report submitted to the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Planning (1976)

Reference 55 - Memorandum for FAP 4M4428, from D. Hattan, to FAP 4M4428; Further Evaluation of Toxicology Studies, Nobember 20, 1997

Reference 56 - Comment submitted to Henry Delincee to the docket

Reference 58 - Britto M.S., A.L.C.H. Villavicencio, and J. Mancini-filho, "Effects of irradiation on trans fatty acids in ground beef," Radiation Physics and Chemistry 63: 337-340 (2002) Published Material

Reference 59 - Memorandum for FAP 9M4682 from K. Morehouse, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, July 15, 2005

Reference 60 - E-mail from Paul Kuznesof to L. Highbarger to be added to FAP 9M4682, April 28, 2003

Reference 61 - Jaarma, M., "Studies of Chemical and Enzymatical Changes in Potato Tubers and some Highber Plants caused by Ionizing Radiation, Including Studies on the Wholesomeness of gamma-Irradiated Potato Tubers and Effects on Some Carbohydrates in vitro, Biokemiska Institutionen, Kuugl, Univeritetet I Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden (1967) Published Material

Reference 62 - Memorandum 2 for FAP 9M4682 from T. Twaroski, FDA, to L. Highbarger, FDA, July 14, 2005

Reference 63 - Jaarma, M., G. "Bengtsson On the wholesomeness of gamma-irradiated Potatoes II. Feeding experiments with pigs" Nutr. Dieta 8: 109-129 (1966). Published Material

Reference 64 - Stephansson, O., Dickman, P.W., Johansson, A., and S. Cnattingus, "Material Hemoglobin Concentration During Pregnancy and Risk of Stillbirthm," J. Am. Med. Ass., 248(20): 2611-2617 (2000) Published Material

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