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Dockets Management

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1998N-0617: Treatment of Narcotic Dependence

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
BKG1 07/23/1999 07/22/1999 Legacy NULL LEGACY VALUE         REFS 1-82
NPR1   07/21/1999 FDA FDA     11/19/1999 pdf  
Signature: FDA
EC1 07/26/1999 07/25/1999 Individual Consumer Paul          
C1 08/03/1999 07/30/1999 Private Industry Harborview Medical Center       pdf  
Signature: Richard Ries MD
C2 08/09/1999 08/04/1999 Individual Consumer H Lotsof          
C3 08/11/1999 08/05/1999 Private Industry D Galbraith MD          
C4 08/11/1999 08/06/1999 Other Organization NV Dept of Human Resources, Health Div.       pdf  
Signature: Barry W. Lovgren
C5 08/17/1999 08/17/1999 Association River Region Human Services       pdf  
Signature: Dick Warfel
C6 08/24/1999 08/24/1999 Other Organization Massachusetts Parole Board       pdf  
Signature: Richard Lunden
C7 08/24/1999 08/18/1999 Private Industry Kings View       pdf  
Signature: Donald Nikkel LCSW
EC2 08/25/1999 08/25/1999 Individual Consumer Paul          
C8 08/27/1999 08/24/1999 Private Industry New Directions Treatment Services       pdf  
Signature: Glen Cooper
M1 09/07/1999 09/07/1999 Other Organization SAMSAH       pdf  
Signature: Nick Reuter
EC3 09/13/1999 09/13/1999 Individual Consumer Paul          
EC4 09/16/1999 09/16/1999 Individual Consumer Anderson          
EC5 09/16/1999 09/16/1999 Individual Consumer J Hazelton          
EC6 09/17/1999 09/17/1999 Individual Consumer R Finkle          
REF1 09/17/1999 09/17/1999 Other Organization OMB Review       ref1a, ref1b, ref1c  
Signature: OMB Review
EC7 09/20/1999 09/18/1999 Individual Consumer B Shack          

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