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98N-0812: Bulk Drug Substances to be Used in Pharmacy Compounding
Item Code
Received Date
FR Date
FR Page
# of Pages
C 4 6/23/98 Nel Brody MD PhD Nel Brody MD PhD     c000004.pdf   4
C 3 6/10/98 Mary T Gidaro Mary T Gidaro     c000003.pdf   4
NOM 9 6/8/98 Dermatology Associates Ira J Berman MD     nom0009.pdf   7
C 2 6/11/98 Scottsdale Skin & Cancer Center Ltd Joseph M Scherzer MD     c000002.pdf   4
MOM 8 6/11/98 Baxter Healthcare Corporation Marcia Marconi     nom0008.pdf   56
NOM` 7 6/8/98 Moss Pharmacy & Nutrition Ctr Robert T Moss Jr     nom007a.pdf   223
              nom007b.pdf   188
              nom007c.pdf   168
NOM 6 6/5/98 Scottsdale Skin & Cancer Center Ltd Joseph M Scherzer MD     nom0006.pdf   3
NOM 5 6/4/98 North Carrolina Board of Pharmacy David R Work     nom005a.pdf   239
              nom005b.pdf   188
              nom005c.pdf   168
NOM 4 6/4/98 Texas Pharmacy Assn Paul F Davis R Ph CAE     nom004a.pdf   200
              nom004b.pdf   164
              nom004c.pdf   217
C 1 5/29/98 International Academy of Comp Pharmacist Gina Ford     c000001.pdf   9
NOM 3 5/29/98 Intl Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Gina Ford R PH     nom003a.pdf   252
              nom003b.pdf   216
 NOM 2 5/27/98 U of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Lawrence A Trissel FASHP     nom0002.pdf    78
NOM 1 5/4/98 Abbott Laboratories Frank Pokrop     nom0001.pdf   57

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