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98D-0266: Section 121 Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Item Code
Received Date
FR Date
FR Page
Electronic format
TR 5 09/20/00 Transcript of July 28, 2000 meeting           doc
LST 6 07/28/00 2nd Cycle Master Index July 25, 2000          pdf  
LST 5 07/28/00 Master Index Pet: F-DOPA          pdf  
LST 4 07/28/00 Participants         pdf
LST 3 07/28/00 Agenda July 28, 2000       pdf
C 6 11/10/99 UCLA School of Medicine Jorge R Barrio PhD, Jennifer Keppler     pdf
TR 4 10/15/99 Institute for Clinical PET/CDER 9/28/99       (Word)
Pps 1-100
Pps 101-200
Pps 201-end
C 5 10/12/99 North Shore U Hospital - Cornell U of Med. Col. Dr Thomas Chaly     pdf
LST 2 09/24/99 Agenda       doc
      Public Meeting Notice       doc
      Draft CMC Model Application for FDG       doc
      Draft CMC Model Application for Sodium Fluoride       doc
      Draft CMC Model Application for Ammonia       doc
REF 1 06/22/99 Briefing Book for 6/28-29/99 MIDAC mtg       htm
C 4 05/24/99 Institute for Clinical PET         pdf

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