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Volume 85

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Reference 1 - Comment No. LET86, Docket No. 1981N-0022 (formerly Docket No. 81N-0022).

Reference 2 - Horwitz et al., "Phenylpropanolamine & Risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke: Final Report of The Hemorrhagic Stroke Project," May 10, 2000 in Comment No. C230, Docket No. 1976N-0052N (formerly Docket No. 76N-052N) and Comment No. RPT14, Docket No. 1981N-0022 (formerly Docket No. 81N-0022).

Reference 3 - Phenylpropanolamine case reports from 1991 to 2000 on file in Docket Nos. 1976N-0052N (formerly 76N-052N) and 1981N-0022 (formerly 81N-0022).

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Reference 10 - F-D-C Reports- "The Tan Sheet," "Dexatrim Natural Fattens Chattem's First Quarter; Extensions Planned," vol. 9, no. 14, April 2, 2001. Published Material

Reference 11 - F-D-C Reports- "The Tan Sheet," "AHP Dimetapp, Robitussin PPA Withdrawals Lead To $80 Mil. Charge In 2000," vol. 9, no. 5, January 29, 2001. Published Material

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Reference 15 - Fisher, A., L., G. Chestnut, and D. M. Violette, "The Value of Reducing Tisks of Death: a Note on New Evidence," Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 8: 88-100, 1989. Published Material

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