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2007N-0417: Acarbose Tablets and 180-Day Exclusivity

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
LET1 10/29/2007 10/29/2007 Federal Government
Signature: Gary J. Buehler
LET2 10/29/2007 10/29/2007 Private Industry Upsher-Smith pdf
Signature: Sean Mahoney
LET3 10/29/2007 10/29/2007 Private Industry Teva North America pdf
Signature: Marc Goshko
LET4 10/11/2007 10/11/2007 Private Industry IMPAX Laboratories, Inc. pdf
Signature: Mark C. Shaw
C1 11/06/2007 11/06/2007 Private Industry Roxane Laboratories pdf
Signature: Elizabeth Ernst
EC1 11/14/2007 11/13/2007 Drug Industry Mr. Brian Malkin
Signature: Malkin, Brian

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Page last updated: November 15, 2007