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2007D-0021: Guidance for Industry; Advisory Committee Meetings: Preparation and Public Availability of Information Given to Advisory Committee Members

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
GDL1 02/28/2007 02/27/2007 Federal Government
Guidance txt, pdf
Signature: Guidance
NAD1 02/27/2007 FDA FDA 02/28/2007 9008-9009 04/30/2007 pdf Comment due 04/30/2007 FR 72 9008
EMC1 02/28/2007 02/28/2007 Individual Consumer R. Reinhard
C1 04/30/2007 04/27/2007 Private Industry Sepracor Inc pdf
Signature: Kathleen Grim
EC1 05/01/2007 03/23/2007 Academia Mr. Clark VerHulst
EC2 05/01/2007 04/12/2007 Drug Industry GlaxoSmithKline htm
Signature: Wilson, Lorna
EC3 05/01/2007 04/26/2007 Drug Industry Merck Research Laboratories htm
Signature: Mayhew, Brian
EC4 05/01/2007 04/27/2007 Drug Industry AstraZeneca LP htm
Signature: Thinnes, Lynley
EC5 05/01/2007 04/27/2007 Drug Industry Merck Research Laboratories htm
Signature: Mayhew, Brian
EC6 05/01/2007 04/30/2007 Association Animal Health Institute htm
Signature: Palla, Madeline
EC7 05/01/2007 04/06/2007 Health Care Association
AABB htm
Signature: Giglio, Joseph
C2 05/22/2007 05/18/2007 Association National Health Council pdf
Signature: Myrl Weinberg, CAE
C3 05/24/2007 05/22/2007 Association Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
Signature: Alan Goldhammer, PhD

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Page last updated: June 19, 2007