2006P-0415 Petition Seeking Regulation of Cloned Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC293
Submitter : Mr. Fredrick McCarthy Date & Time: 01/03/2007 11:01:22
Organization : The Louis Berger Group
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am outraged by the FDA's pending approval of the introduction of cloned animal food products into our already compromised food supply. Foods in the US have already been allowed to be highly processed, genetically engineered and to contain ingredients linked to obesity and increased allergic reactions in children and adults; without labelling I must add. All of these changes have occured under the FDA's watch and via their acceptance.

Why does this continue to happen at the FDA, the US consumer's supposed watchdog? No one needs to be subjected to this risk for the purpose of some profit increase on the part of the food producers. The FDA is supposed to protect the consumer and not the special interest groups and large scale food manufacturers. It is not surprising that the EU has banned many of our food products. In the case of this recent insult on the public, cloned food products have had no long term testing to ensure that dangerous allergins may develop. Recall that abnormalities have indeed been detected in certain cloned animals already. How many pharmaceutical products have been recalled after FDA's approval? The end result is lawsuits. Our legal system certainly does not need any increase in revenue. Enough already and start to perform the job for which you were created; that is, to protect the US public health.