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2006D-0066: Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff: Whole Grains Label Statements

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
BKG1 02/16/2006 02/16/2006 Federal Government
Background Information       Table of Contents  
Signature: Background Information
GDL1 02/16/2006 02/16/2006 Federal Government
Guidance       pdf  
Signature: Guidance
NAD1   02/16/2006 FDA FDA 02/17/2006 8597-8597 04/18/2006 htm  
C1 03/17/2006 03/17/2006 Individual Consumer C. Broxon        
C2 03/28/2006 03/24/2006 Food Industry King Arthur Flour Company, Inc.       pdf  
Signature: Allison Rogers
C3 03/28/2006 03/22/2006 Food Industry Roman Meal Company       pdf  
Signature: William L. Matthaei
C4 03/31/2006 03/28/2006 Private Industry Sunnyland Mills       pdf  
Signature: Michael P. Orlando
C5 04/10/2006 04/05/2006 Private Industry Liberty Richter       pdf  
Signature: Kathleen R. Bonynge
C6 04/17/2006 04/14/2006 Food Industry Whole Grains Council       pdf  
Signature: Jeff Dahlberg
C7 04/17/2006 04/13/2006 Food Industry Barilla America, Inc. (Barilla)       pdf  
Signature: David A. Alman
C8 04/14/2006 04/13/2006 Private Industry AmeriFlax       pdf  
Signature: Jan Topp
C9 03/21/2006 03/14/2006 Food Industry Whole Gain Connection       pdf  
Signature: Monica Spiller
C10 04/18/2006 04/13/2006 Academia University of Minnesota       pdf  
Signature: Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD
C11 04/18/2006 04/18/2006 Food Industry USA Rice Federation       pdf  
Signature: Anne Banville
C12 04/18/2006 04/17/2006 Private Industry Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)       pdf  
Signature: Luis A. Mejia, PhD
C13 04/18/2006 04/17/2006 Food Industry Campbell Soup Company (Campbell's)       pdf  
Signature: Chor San Khoo, PhD
C14 04/18/2006 04/17/2006 Food Industry Schwan Food Company (Schwan)       pdf  
Signature: Bruce Paterson, PhD
C15 04/18/2006 04/17/2006 Private Industry AACC International Task Force       pdf
Signature: Stuart A. Craig, PhD
C16 04/19/2006 04/19/2006 Food Association Independent Bakers Association (IBA)       pdf  
Signature: Nicholas A. Pyle

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