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Citizen Petition

Attachment 1 - Lin, James, Pathogen Inoculation Study of Ground Beef Under Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) Conditions, S & J Laboratories, Inc., November 14, 2005

Attachment 2 - Letter from Donald Kennedy, Commissioner of Food and Drugs, to William B. Schultz, Public Citizen Litigation Group, June 29, 1979

Attachment 3 - Letter from Joseph Callaway, Jr., Acting Chief, Divisionof State Cooperation, to Wayne B. Adams, Acting State Food and Drug Commissioner, Nevada, Oetober 14, 1943

Attachment 4 - Letter from Robert C. Post, Ph.D., Director, Labeling and Consumer Protection Staff, to Dr. Lane Highbarger, Office of Food Additive Safety, CFSAN, FDA, April 28, 2004

Attachment 5 - Labuza, T.P. and Fu, B., “Use of Time/Temperature Integrators, Predictive Microbiology, and Related Technologies for Assessing the Extent and Impact of Temperature Abuse on Meat and Poultry Products, 15 J. Food Safety 201-227 (1995) Published Material

Attachment 6 - Farber, J.M., “Microbiological Aspects of Modifed-Atmosphere Packaging Technology - A Review,” 54 J. Food Protection 58-70 (January 1991) Published Material

Attachment 7 - Greer, G.G., et al., “Evaluation of the Bacteriological Consequences of the Temperature Regimes Experienced by Fresh Chilled Meat During Retail Display,” 27 Food Research Int’l 371-377 (1994) Published Material

Attachment 8 - Lambert, A.D., et al, “Shelf Life Extension and Microbiological Safety of Fresh Meat - A Review,” 8 Food Microbiology 267-297 (1991) Published Material

Attachment 9 - Nissen, H., et al., “Comparison Between the Growth of Yersinia enterocolitica, Listeria monocytogenes, Escheria coli O157:R7 and Salmonella spp. in Ground Beef Packed by Three Commercially Used Packaging Techniques,” 59 Int’l. J. Food Microbiology 211-220 (2000) Published Material

Attachment 10 - Hintlian, C.B. and Hotchkiss, J.H., “The Safety of Modified Atmosphere Packaging: A Review - Do Modified Atmospheres Enhance Pathogenesis But Delay Signs of Spoilage?” 40 Food Technology 70-76 (December 1986) Published Material

Attachment 11 - Jeremiah, L.E., et al., “Beef Color as Related to Consumer Acceptance and Palatability,” 37 Journal of Food Science 476-479 (1972) Published Material

Attachment 12 - Liu, Q., et al, “Titration of Fresh Meat Color Stability and Malondialdehyde Development with Holstein Steers Fed Vitamin E-Supplemented Diets,” J. Anim. Sci. 1996, 74: 117-126 Published Material

Attachment 13 - Letter from Diane E. Thompson, Associate Commissioner for Legislative Affairs, to Hon. Ray LaHood, Feb. 13, 1998

Attachment 14 - Sorheim, Q., et al, “Technological, Hygienic and Toxicological Aspects of Carbon Monoxide Used in Modified-Atmosphere Packaging of Meat,” 8 Trends in Food Science & Technology 307-312 (September 1997) Published Material

Atachment 15 - Silliker, J.H. and Wolfe, S.K., “Microbiological Safety Considerations in Controlled-Atmosphere Storage of Meats,” 34 Food Technology 59-63 (March 1980) Published Material

Attachment 16 - Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food on the Use of Carbon Monoxide as Component of Packaging Gases in Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Meat, SCF/CS/ADD/MSAd/04 (December 18, 2001)

Attachment 17 - Kropf, D.H., “Effect of Retail Display Conditions on Meat Color,” Proceedings of the 33rd Reciprocal Meat Conference, 15-32 (1980) Published Material

Attachment 18 - Sorheim, O., et al., “The Storage Life of Beef and Pork Packaged in an Atmosphere with Low Carbon Monoxide and High Carbon Dioxide,” 52 Meat Science 157-164 (1999) Published Material

Attachment 19 - EFTA Surveillance Authority Annual Report at 24 (2003), available at http://wwvv.eftasurv.int/information/annualreports/dbaFile4978.pdf Published Material

Attachment 20 - Europarl News Report at 3 (June 11, 2003) Published Material

Attachment 21 - Letter from Jane M. Davies to Directors of Public Protection in Wales (August 9, 2004)

Attachment 22 - Julia Moskin, “Tuna’s Red Glare? It Could Be Carbon Monoxide,” N.Y. Times, Oct. 6, 2004 Published Material

Attachment 23 - AVA Food Safety Awareness Programme Statement on Carbon Monoxide Treated Tuna, available at http://www.ava.gov.sg/JAVASCRIPT/carbonMTuna.htm Published Material

Attachment 24 - Communique from Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Animal Products Directorate, Fish, Seafood and Production, to All Importers of Fish, regarding Fish Treated With Carbon Monoxide, June 17, 1999, available at http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/anima/fispoi/commun/19990617e.pdf

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