2005P-0411 Seeking FDA Actions to Counter Flagrant Violations of the Law by Pharmacies Compounding Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Drugs
FDA Comment Number : EC7
Submitter : Mrs. Susan Merenstein Date & Time: 12/19/2005 12:12:59
Organization : Community Drug Compounding Center
Category : Health Professional
Issue Areas/Comments
We all know that Wyeth's motives are purely financial due to the loss of business brought on by the WHI results. Compounding offers an option to women who do not wish to use synthetic horse urine derived hormones and synthetic progestins which are dangerous to their health. If the FDA wants to be in the pockets of the drug companies they will have to sleep with their guilt. Wyeth is endangering public health-look at the study!!! WAKE UP FOR THE PEOPLE'S SAKE FOR A CHANGE!!!! Do not allow Wyeth to seek this petition and try to think and look at the data, not your pocketbooks!!