2005P-0411 Seeking FDA Actions to Counter Flagrant Violations of the Law by Pharmacies Compounding Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Drugs
FDA Comment Number : EC27
Submitter : Dr. Amy Stine Date & Time: 12/21/2005 05:12:18
Organization : Dr. Amy Stine
Category : Health Professional
Issue Areas/Comments
I am concerned with the broadness of this petition. I am a family physician who uses bioidentical hormones to treat women with PMS, perimenopause, and infertility. Being able to personalize the dose of hormones has been extremely important in helping them improve their lives, maintain their relationships, and continue working or going to school. Bioidentical hormones are very different than Premarin and Provera in their risk profile. I work with several pharmacists who in turn work with the patients. The system works very well and allows me to treat people as individuals not as numbers.