2005P-0267 Remove from label for propofol (Diprivan) the warning that propofol should be administered only by trained persons
FDA Comment Number : EC164
Submitter : Mrs. Terri Brothers Date & Time: 11/17/2005 01:11:07
Organization : Mrs. Terri Brothers
Category : Health Professional
Issue Areas/Comments
It is true that a person not trained in the administration of general anesthesia could easily push a syringe of Propofal. My concern is what would happen when the carefully "calculated" dose was too much and emergency airway management was required to recussitate a patient? I have witnessed "Other Qualified Medical Professionals" in critical airway response situations, and feel confident in saying they are not as skilled in airway management as a provider trained in General Anesthesia. Anesthesia providers manage all types of airways in every day practice and are in tune to the risks of Propofal administration in all patient populations. Please DO NOT allow the standard of care to be lowered in this dangerous manner.