2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC86
Submitter : Mr. George Wynns Date & Time: 12/07/2005 06:12:26
Organization : Mr. George Wynns
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Direct advertising of prescription drugs to the public is a very bad idea. It is an especially bad idea to push psychiatric mind-altering drugs upon the public with direct t.v. advertising. When the so-called "placebo effect" is eliminated, there is actually NO evidence that any of these psychiatric drugs do any good at all, and there is ABUNDANT evidence that they are damaging and deadly. The idea that these powerful compounds correct "chemical imbalances in the brain," as the advertisements often say, is simply a fiction or a lie. It isn't based on any evidence at all. I would strongly urge you not to allow any direct advertising of psychiatric drugs on television, if it is in your power to prevent that. Thank you very much for considering this issue.