2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC77
Submitter : Mr. Arthur Telles Date & Time: 12/07/2005 06:12:05
Organization : Mr. Arthur Telles
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I find it extremely offensive to see advertisements for psychiatric drugs that are supposedly designed to handle unproven sources to maladies such as ADDHD and Depression. I think these types of advertisements should be banned as they direct people to believe these drugs are the panacea of treatment for conditions that are absolutely not proven to be caused by the circumstances these drugs are supposedly designed to improve or correct. In addition, the concept of a chemical imbalance as a source or origin of a specific mental state has never been proven and has actually been, by lack of 'proof', to not be a true or accurate statement and yet these companies were first allowed to say it is the source and now are still saying 'may be' the cause, which suggests this is a known source and it absolutely is not. This is false and misleading advertising that persuades individuals to ask for drugs they rarely actually know anything about. This indoctrinates the public and the medical profession to suggest a 'quick fix' (take a drug) for conditions that can be helped, improved and eliminated through safe and, in many cases, natural non-drug treatments. Further, there are advertisements for other condition specific drugs that 'romance the consumer into thinking the 'magic' pill is 'the' solution to their malady (such as high cholesterol or indigestion/gas problems) while they speed through or gloss over the dramatic potential side effects such as liver damage and death or continued digestive difficulties and the perpetuation of the gastric conditions (even the aggravation of existing conditions). Such blatant drug use promotions should be banned and placed into the same categories as liquor and cigarettes. Not to be allowed in media promotion at all. Advertisements should not only be banned but these drug companies should be required to provide the necessary funds that alternative, safe remedies are given equal time and organizations that refute these supposed claims should also be given equal time paid for by the multi-billion dollar drug companies that are profiting from millions of dollars of false or misleading advertisements that promote the use of drugs as the solution to many if not all what ails the American public when, in many cases, change in lifestyle, nutrition and simple regimins involving non-psychiatric counseling and therapies could do as much, if not more, to assist people get a better handle on what ails them. I object most to the false and misleading promotion of drugs being used on millions of children and the encouragement of non-professional and under informed individuals such as teachers and school 'counselors' to recommend such drugs to the parents of children with educational 'problems' identified by totally non- scientific broad spectrum symptoms that are designed to snare many children that my just be experiencing temporary discipline problems, a lack of interest in a non inspiring and unimaginative education system or have hormonal or nutritional issues that could be a simple solution. Bottom line, it is inappropriate, unethical and harmful to promote the use of drugs as the end-all be-all solution to problems that dupe the public into thinking these drug companies and the medical profession are beyond reproach and incapable of being wrong or having agendas designed to promote their supposed solutions when there are many choices to be made without the use of mind altering and physically harmful chemical compounds making these professions billions of dollars annually.