2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC401
Submitter : Ms. Dolly Angelette Date & Time: 12/19/2005 11:12:27
Organization : Ms. Dolly Angelette
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I would like to see ALL prescription drug advertising banned from television and the internet, but in particular, the ones which say they correct a chemical imbalance to treat depression. The "theory" of chemical imbalances in the brain put forth by the psychiatric and drug industries is a complete myth and totally unfounded. No physical or medical tests ever have or can prove or even suggest a chemical imbalance as a reason for depression or any other mental malady that they are prescribing these psychotropic drugs for. Doctors prescribing them do NO medical tests. These ads give the public false information about brain functions, and then tell them to take this (unproven) drug, which has more side effects than they can even possibly express in a 30 or 60 second ad. They give the impression that they are safe and proven. People - the general public - with no medical backgrounds, are self-medicating based on these ads, and becoming pawns of a drug industry which is actually "creating" chemical imbalances and getting VERY wealthy off of them at the expense of the public's real health. Please stop allowing the drug companies to advertise these terribly addictive and VERY HARMFUL DRUGS.
Thank you.