2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC36
Submitter : Mr. Paul Kolecki Date & Time: 11/18/2005 02:11:45
Organization : Mr. Paul Kolecki
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am greatly disturbed by the amount of advertising of pscyhiatric drugs and the nature of the commercials. They still claim that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance when there is no scientific evidence that this is the case. They also portray "normal" events as psychiatric problems. I recall a TV commercial that depicts a woman's mind wandering during a boring business meeting, then implying that this is a symptom of ADD. In fact, most everyone's mind wanders during boring business meetings and other things that are not engaging. This sort of advertising, however, implies that these normal behaviours need to be corrected and corrected by the use of drugs. This is dangerous to consumers as they may be taking medications that they don't need and can be dangerous for them.