2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC29
Submitter : Mr. John Dolley Date & Time: 11/18/2005 02:11:11
Organization : ABC Network
Category : International Association
Issue Areas/Comments
This clearly is a bad precedent, to publicly suggest that a particular drug will correct a chemical imbalance in the Brain, in general terms; as if to homogenize an entire population into being one specific mental health profile for expediency of purpose.

This is ludicrous presumption foisted on the public and a complacent obedient professional psychiatric community, and cannot be definitively proved at this time, that a mental condition can be corrected in this manner.

There are too many dynamic factors to be considered such as; societal and occupational stressors; racial/cultural biases by a dominant racial paradigm for example; and may I interject even dietetics; these all must be carefully analysed and weighed along with this so-called Brain 'imbalance' catchall popular buzz-word.

Not any two, or 1,000 Brains are alike, you just can't legislate, for a powerful pharmaceutical industry that has only consumer profits in MIND; and not the healthy autonomous MINDS of its fellow citizens.

We have a more serious disease in this hemisphere that needs our attention and BALANCING, and it's called 'Classism'.
You see its effects in the class alienation of at-risk troubled minority youth of color in school from an early age, then fast tracking them into the even more class-divisive institutionalism at our state hospitals, and into blase, insensitve, and cruel prison systems; both offering a consistently burgeoning & lucrative market for the drug industry.
To medicate and isolate for convenience, to afford us a clean neat organized society, that, in my opinion, borders on control so well administered; that only dyed-in-the-wool fascists would be proud.

Let's watch out where we are taking this, we're building hospitals and prisons at an alarming rate, we just can't be keeping them all drug- compliant zombies; and totally forget about the enduring and long-lasting connections that can be made - that only loving remediation can accomplish before any of this can punish the mind.

Thank you,
John S. Dolley Jr.,
ABC Legal Services,
Austin, Texas