2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC287
Submitter : Mrs. Charmel Sekulo Date & Time: 12/09/2005 10:12:18
Organization : Mrs. Charmel Sekulo
Category : International Public Citizen
Issue Areas/Comments
The endless chanting of "chemical imbalances" as the reason for people feeling the way they do and taking a pill to solve a persons emotional state/mood changes/coping with life?s problems, is making me see red.

I can not believe how people automatically say ?take a pill? as the solution now days. And it is only said because it has been repeated over and over and over. You can not read a magazine, listen to the radio station or watch TV without it being hammered into your head that ?pills are the solution and chemical imbalances are the problem?.

20-30 years ago, you would not have heard this kind of cock-an-bull story. People are becoming parrots (from hearing it), zombies (once they start taking it) and irresponsible psycho's (after it does not help them) because of this NEW AGE MANTRA.

People need to recognize that, with life comes problems and they should learn how to handle those problems as they come along and learn from their experiences so that it does not happen again.

Responsibility for ones actions, courtesy towards ones fellow man, manners and respect seems to now be replaced with "take a pill if you don't feel right or act right".

Can't learn or sit still in class is replaced with "drug the kid to make him shut up and sit down", instead of looking at the "new education system". It isn't reading, writing and arithmetic anymore. It's how do you feel today and can you control your anger towards the kids who attack, harass and bully you. No one looks at the rewards and penalties of ones actions anymore. Cause and effect is none existent.

Feeling insecure because your husband cheated on you, the rise in crime rates, economic uncertainties, loss of job, spousal abuse, or any other type of upsetting situation with life is handled with "take pill". Even the people who have been hit by natural disasters, such as the recent hurricanes, etc., are being told that their experience warrants taking a drug to handle this loss and upset! It is outrageous!

Perhaps the Government should check out the statistics regarding the effects of people being placed onto psychotropic drugs. Perhaps they should stop listening to the "if we just got to them at a younger age and intervened then" propaganda, that comes from the experts themselves that are pushing the drugs as a solution in the first place.

Common sense, responsibility, cause and effect, and common decency towards ones fellow man would make all the difference in the world if the government would do just that. Use your common sense, be responsible for the data given to you, look at the cause and effects drugs have on people and have the common decency to go by the facts and not the propaganda. Experts can present information that sound like facts, but is in fact only the opinion of a person who has no real solution, but does have a vested interest in keeping you just as uninformed as everyone else.

What will happen when the whole of society is in a drugged/zombie state? Do you believe you will be more secure, more happy, less worried?
Will crime drop? Will natural disaster?s stop happening? The fact of the matter is, you would not even be you. You?d be the very drugged chemical reaction machine that the experts are now saying that you are and not responsible for your own or anyone else?s actions. Pretty good don?t you think? To promote the very thing that we will eventually become, by saying we are that now?

Drugs do not make you think or feel better. They make you not think or feel anything!