2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC281
Submitter : Miss. Rachel Montoya Date & Time: 12/09/2005 10:12:18
Organization : Miss. Rachel Montoya
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I believe that the drugging and soliciting of the 'chemical balancing' drugs is a crime! Drugging our children and adults to get them to conform to 'standards' set up by some in our society is criminal. We are producing a society which being drug induced and dumbed down will not be profitable nor forward our society at all. Get rid of these drugs and clean up the 'scientific' experimentation on humans! Perhaps we should fine the drug companies and those on the Boards of Directors and have them pay for the demise of our country, citizens and human race!