2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC20
Submitter : Miss. Kristine Munroe Date & Time: 11/18/2005 02:11:26
Organization : Miss. Kristine Munroe
Category : Drug Association
Issue Areas/Comments
Until there is scientific evidence that seratonin imbalances, SSRIs should not be handed out like candy. Advertising for SSRIs can be extraordinarily dangerous. A person going through a normal bout of depression due to external circumstances can see the ad and be persuaded that they, like the little melancholy Zoloft oval, could suddenly become happy by taking pills.

SSRIs have proven to be dangerous to people in endless instances. An anomaly is that a side effect of SSRIs is DEPRESSION. How is this beneficial? If chronic depression IS caused by low seratonin levels, then theoretically, shouldn't there be virutually no risk of getting worse?

And drugs like Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac are NOT one size fits all, as the drug companies and their commercials would have you believe. Even if chronic depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, that would not mean that EVERYBODY who is depressed has a chemical imbalance, therefore the drug can be detrimental.

There are many other factors which could cause depression, such as hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, food allergies, anemia, deprivation of important vitamin and minerals, lack of exercise, and poor diet.