2005N-0354 Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing
FDA Comment Number : EC148
Submitter : Mr. William Swan Date & Time: 12/07/2005 06:12:33
Organization : Mr. William Swan
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Provided that depression in particular is caused by serotonin depletion, the entire SSRI class of drugs only makes a problem like that worse by causing the neurons of the brain to perceive additional serotinin in the synapse rather than less. Consequently, the body produces less of the precious molecules instead of more. This increased depreciation of serotonin due to lesser production makes clinical depression worse not better. As a result, the dosage is increased thus creating an addicted state of greater and greater dosages being needed to achieve the same effect, if by effect you mean jittery, crazy, violent diskinesia and other extreme side-effects. This is not a correction of the chemical imbalance but a ruination thereof. (paragraph break)

And SSRI's drive people absolutely violently crazy. The only significant difference in our suicidal homicidal youth and parents today is the advent of these and other dangerous legal drugs. Most shooting rampages including Columbine and 'going postal' were committed by people on psychiatric medication. And I don't need to see the statistics and court records of numerous very successful criminal and civil cases to know the truth, I experienced it myself. I personally watched as my friend John and my ex-girlfriend Sharon went crazy on Paxil and Xoloft respectively. I was also attacked by a person suffering from road rage who couldn't believe it when I asked him, 'Are you taking anti-depressants?' He was! My ex-girlfriend Sharon also attacked me physically, attempting to kick me in the groin without provocation. When I picked up her coat off the floor which was approximately 12 feet away from her, she screamed, 'Don't you touch me!' As if I had attacked her and I had only dared to touch her coat while she wasn't even in it! My friend John kicked in his quarter panel on his car because he got a dead headlight. Neither of these people acted anything like this preceding there medication. (paragraph break)

The usual response by an orthodox psychiatrist is to prescribe benzos. These downers just make people more crazy when the effect wears off. The body hypes itself up to balance out the downer and then when the downer wears off the body stays in its hyper state and the person goes double- manic on SSRI's and adrenalin, among other things. (paragraph break)

Not only shouldn't these drugs be advertised to consumers, they shoud be completely banned. And the seriously homicidal megalomanical greedy- to-the-point-of-insane-themselves drug companies, not satisfied with duping people into taking this crap voluntarily, actually FORCE this on people who don't want it. (paragraph break)

But what am I telling you this for? You knew it all along and are acting like you don't because the very people who work on the FDA panel are the same people who work for the drug companies and hid all of the studies that demonstrate everything I've said. It all came out in the English press and now just Paxil (Seroxat) is banned in just children and they did very little else. I guess I'm just hoping someone there will be in an open mood and on the verge of an awakening. Or maybe someone in congress will see it. In any case, I will be there, alive, sane and strong -in my lifetime! as drug, force and electroshock psychiatry makes its inevitable decline into the ash heap of history. Mark my words, you can not hide the truth forever. The more people I talk to, the more I realize its becoming really obvious to common people and we seriously resent you for bullshitting us. Wake up, people.