2005N-0345 Drug Approvals: Circumstances under which an active ingredient may be simultaneously marketed in both a prescription drug product and an over-the-counter drug product
FDA Comment Number : EC1902
Submitter : Ms. Marla Bottesch Date & Time: 10/31/2005 04:10:29
Organization : Pissed Off Voter
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
All this "ruley" nitpicking attempts to obfuscate the reality that this Administration does not understand the Constitutional concept of the Separation of Church and State. This delay and disregard of scientific evaluations has to do with the RELIGIOUS beliefs of ONE part of the population. Our Constitution FORBIDS this. This is the attempt to foist one set of RELIGIOUS beliefs on the entire population of the United States of America. Religion, as law, has no place in the civil arena.

I therefore DEMAND that the FDA follow the medical and scientific advice of its committees and permit the sale of EC without a prescription, without age restrictions, and OVER the counter (not "behind the counter" where we must beg a reluctant clerk or pharmacist to give it to us).