2005N-0345 Drug Approvals: Circumstances under which an active ingredient may be simultaneously marketed in both a prescription drug product and an over-the-counter drug product
FDA Comment Number : EC1045
Submitter : Ms. Roselle O'Neil Date & Time: 10/27/2005 10:10:52
Organization : Ms. Roselle O'Neil
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I support making Plan Bs drug status 'over the counter.' Plan B has been determined to be safe and effective. It is most effective when taken within 12 hours. Requiring a prescription would decrease its effectiveness. Is it the intention of the FDA to prevent effective use?

The FDA's behavior regarding Plan B smacks of overt religious moralization. There are theocracies on this planet in which religious values are enforced by secular authorities, without regard to individual beliefs. Many in America would like to enforce their religious beliefs on the nation as a whole. Until such a time as this nation becomes a theocracy, the FDA should refrain from making decisions based on religious ideology.