2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC986
Submitter : Mr. Edward Godwin Date & Time: 09/14/2005 06:09:38
Organization : Mr. Edward Godwin
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Confusion, misunderstanding, and anxiety presently reign for an individual consumer as myself, a person who has been clinically diagnosed with Celiac disease. Reading a label does not settle my quandary. For example, "modified food starch" is ambiguous and hence has to be avoided. In an exchange with Sargento about cheese I learned that there might be a flour to keep the pieces of cheese from sticking together. Was that true of other foods? Did they tell the consumer beforehand? Sometimes the type on the label is so small it takes forever to try to read it. Then there is the supermarket chain saying that they can tell me because their suppliers change freguently. Therefore, can you count on having a truly gluten free product?