2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC718
Submitter : Ms. Janice Bartell Date & Time: 09/12/2005 06:09:51
Organization : Ms. Janice Bartell
Category : Federal Government
Issue Areas/Comments
"Gluten Free"labeling must mean "Zero" content of gluten from wheat,oats,rye,or barley. I identify food free of gluten by reading labels, and trial and error. I spend many extra hours shopping because of this and miss opportunities for favorite foods due to incomplete labeling. the percentage of food labeled "gluten free" is below 1%,only foods in "health sections" might possibly be labeled correctly, my solution is to eat only fresh foods and those I make myself. Foods labeled "gluten Free" are not trustworthy, I have gotten very ill from may of them, so I only trust those that are from companies I can trust which cost me shipping and/or travel cost to purchase them. I would like the be able to shop in my own local store,and trust the labels I read.