2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC508
Submitter : Miss. Wendy Oliveras Date & Time: 09/09/2005 06:09:41
Organization : Oliveras
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
As a partner of a recently diagnosed Celiac, I can assure you that a gluten free diet is not an easy diet to follow. More particularly, when desperately searching for gluten free foods at various supermarkets and/or health food stores, one becomes very frustrated and confused. It is critical that all food labelings specify exact ingredients and indicate whether or not gluten, wheat, oat, barley, or rye is included. It has been a trying experience and very sad to see a Celiac search for foods and be so disappointed in not easily finding their gluten free products. Not to mention that the gluten free foods/products are extremely overpriced and very expensive for the average salaried Celiac. In order to support my partner at home, I have begun to eat the gluten free products and have acquired a taste for them. So, in buying these products now for myself and my partner, I can testify that a lot of time is expended in the stores trying to read and decipher whether or not the product is gluten or wheat free. Like anything else, if we are not directly affected by something, we generally cannot fully appreciate its significance or impact on our lives. But, once it hits home, things begin to have a different perspective. I cannot imagine our government not appreciating the importance of proper food labeling for those Celiacs and other human beings who have serious dietary conditions. Celiacs deserve the respect in buying products that help them to live a safer and healthier life. I trust that my government will honor this request and pass the respective laws that enforce food manufacturers to identify and properly label foods so that Celiacs and others can feel comfortable and safe in buying their products as loyal consumers.