2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC1328
Submitter : Ms. Krista Davis Date & Time: 09/20/2005 05:09:52
Organization : Ms. Krista Davis
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Please make sure you address the issue of gluten from wheat, rye and barley and the labeling of our foods. Labels need to be specific, I have actually seen 'Contains Gluten - May be from wheat or corn' Labels like this defeat the purpose of labeling. We also need to address the issue of this substance being used on lines without the company saying so clearly. For my family cross contamination issues are a BIG deal, we get blisters on our skin and severe and painful reactions from even a small amount left on a production line. This substance is toxic to 1 out of every 133 people in this country and the mislabeling of our food leads to countless hours of pain and suffering and lost productivity.