2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC1292
Submitter : Mrs. Maria Crabb Date & Time: 09/20/2005 05:09:38
Organization : Mrs. Maria Crabb
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Gluten-free should mean less than 200 parts per million on a food label because, it is unknown how much gluten is allowed in a diet before damage to the small intestine is made.
I read the ingredients and allergan information to identify foods that do not contain gluten. I spend about 30 minutes per week trying to figure out if something is gluten-free.
About 20% of the foods I buy are labeled gluten-free. Cereals, rice noodles, pasta and frozen foods are marked gluten-free.
Gluten-free printed on a label influences my decision 100% to buy the product marked gluten-free.