2005N-0279 Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC1267
Submitter : Mrs. Ruth Hieber Date & Time: 09/20/2005 05:09:03
Organization : Mrs. Ruth Hieber
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
1. 'Gluten-free' should mean gluten-free; no wheat, barley, rye or oats in products; products made in gluten free facility; not compromised; not subject to contamination; not run on lines after wheat, barley, rye or oats. Some celiacs such as myself are sensitive to the least bit of gluten.

2. I identify foods that do not contain gluten by reading the product labels. I spend a lot of time reading all the FINE PRINT with a magnifying glass.

3. 50% of the food that I purchase is marked 'gluten free'. The types purchased that are marked 'gluten free': bread, pasta, grains, flour, cereals, baking mixes, cookies, crackers, tapioca, nut butters, teas (especially herbal teas), baking soda/powder, chips, soup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, beans, condiments (mustard, catsup, salsa, pasta sauce, vinegar), boxed milk, dairy products (yogurt, creamed cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream).

4. 'Gluten-free' on label influences my decision to purchase products with same ingredients to the extent of 100%.

5. Two or more level definition would NOT be helpful. I don't want a level or % of gluten free. I want GF to be GF, or I'm ill - ill - ill. Level A only marked 'gluten-free'.