2005D-0330 Guidance for Industry and FDA Review Staff on Collection of Platelets by Automated Methods
FDA Comment Number : EC2
Submitter : Dr. Robertson Davenport Date & Time: 12/05/2005 05:12:52
Organization : University of Michigan
Category : Health Professional
Issue Areas/Comments
III. A. Donor Selection
Donors with more than 20 previous pheresis platelet donations have been shown to present an increased risk of bacterial contamination of the product.
Perez, P., L. R. Salmi, et al. (2001). "Determinants of transfusion-associated bacterial contamination: results of the French Bacthem Case-Control Study." Transfusion 41(7): 862-872.
I recommend that individuals with more than 20 previous donations be permanently deferred as pheresis platelet donors. This would be the single most effective intervention available today to decrease the incidence of bacterial contamination.

VI. D. Product Performance Qualification
Knowledge of the actual platelet content of the product is essential for determination of effectiveness of transfusion and the selection of appropriate donors.
Davenport RD. Blood components should be labeled for content. Transfusion 2005; 45:3-4.
Therefore, I urge that the platelet yield of all products be determined and the yield be part of the label.