2005D-0219 Guidance for Industry: General Principles for Evaluating the Safety of Compounds Used in Food-Producing Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC3
Submitter : Mr. Karl Nagel Date & Time: 11/03/2005 10:11:22
Organization : Mr. Karl Nagel
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am shocked that you are allowing any rendering/ use of waste parts of cattle to re-enter the food chain, animal or human. All nerve cells throughout a cows body might contain preons, and it only takes one preon to infect a human or cow or chicken or fish with 'madcow'.Some nerve cells are found in ALL cuts of meat. I know it would be expensive and difficult to change the industry but you guys are gambling with the nations food supply and possibly creating the 'end of humanity plague' due to short sighted policies. Bovine encephalitis, Chronic wasting disease, madcow, call it what you want but it is already in our food supply and you are still helping it spread by allowing renderers to process cattle 'parts' for protien supplements in animal feed. Seems like you are doing nothing to educate the public at large about this. You guys are allowing them to feed chickens with feed made from diseased cattle, then turn around and feed the chicken waste (droppings)back to the cattle. This is already an epidemic and you guys are being pussies. In my opinion , based on all the information I have learned any meat product is potentially contaminated because you still allow this, possibly even eggs and milk. This is a life and death matter for anyone that consumes meat products (99% of our planet). I love beef and chicken but after learning about your short sightedness and reluctance to stop this dangerous industry I wont eat beef or chicken anymore. The only common sense thing to do is to stop feeding animal waste parts back to animals (FOOD OR OTHERWISE!!). Turn the rendering plants into disposal sites for carcasses.You cant burn a preon to destroy it, it must be dissolved in bleach. It attaches to a nerve cell and erases the cells DNA and reprograms it to be a preon.Time wont kill it, alcohol wont, an autoclave wont A healthy appearing cow might still be loaded with preons even if it is under 30 months old. I beg of you in the name of humanity to do your job, put your foot down and stop gambling with our great nations food supply. Turn the rendering industry into the Preon Disposal industry , no matter what it costs it is better than letting preons kill every mammal on the planet. It is already in the deer , elk, and now even moose! Coyotes, wolves, bear and raccoons, mice, etc. (any scavenger species)already is being infected via dead deer carcasses of course. Bird Flu is nothing compared to this killer. You must do something fast before it exponentially becomes the last plague. Thank You for reading this , it is solely my opinion based on the facts I am aware of and this scares the !@#$% out of me.