2004S-0170 - Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, Section 1013: Suggest Priority Topics for Research
FDA Comment Number : EC29
Submitter : Ms. D. Schwandt Date & Time: 05/11/2004 06:05:44
Organization : Ms. D. Schwandt
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It is very concerning to me as a Native American patient advocate that health disparities are often left out of the discussions about cost effectiveness of medicines. The govenrment does a good job of making decisions for everyone without taking everyone into consideration. Let's not get stuck in the rut of making decisions for minorities based on what works for the majority.

Please make sure your research evaluates the needs of all population groups because we respond differently to medicines and may need different options to get the best treatment.

Also, please make sure that decisions are not based on cost alone. When this is done, the true cost of treatment is not considered. When people can't get on the medicine they need, they end up in the hospital and not only do you pay for the drugs, you increase all other costs.

Please consider these issues in your research. They are imparative in addressing patient healthcare needs.


Donna Schwandt