2004S-0170 - Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, Section 1013: Suggest Priority Topics for Research
FDA Comment Number : EC16
Submitter : Ms. Mary Worthen Date & Time: 05/11/2004 06:05:44
Organization : Ms. Mary Worthen
Individual Consumer
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I am Mary Worthen. I am Kristy's Worthen's mother. Kristy has bipolar disorder. We are mental health advocates, speaking to others to let them know there is hope and help, and with access to all medications people with a mental illness can go on to lead happy successful lives. Without full access to medications and services needed by people with a mental illness, patients will have a relapse and will cost society more by lost lives due to suicide, lost jobs, hospitalization, incarceration, and homlessness. We are members of NAMI Arkansas.
We offer these brief brief comments as you consider Docket ID 2004-0170 relating to Priorities for Research under the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Moderization Act. As an idvidual and a member of NAMI we belive in clinically-sound research projects that fundamentally meet the needs of patients while continually improving overall medical care. However, we encourage HHS to ensure that any/all "cost effectiveness" initiatives do not ultimately becme ways to keep medicinesfrom those who desperately need them, thereby harming some of our nation's most vulnerable individuals in the name of efficiency and effectiveness. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" medicine program in which health care rationing becomes the norm under the guise of government-based cost-effectiveness studies. Please do all that you can to promote innovation and true research-based outcomes that are designed to do one thing: help individual persons who rely on their medicines in order to live and productively participate in society. If Kristy was restricted to only a limited number of medicines and could not have access to her meidications that has been chosen by her and her doctor,I know Kristy would not be able to continue in her current wellness state. Kristy is now a productive citizen and artist, selling her artwork nationally and exhibiting her artwork in musuems nationwide, without her medicines she would be like she was in 1999, aattemping suicide and not being able to hold a job or focus on taking taking care of her own personal needs. Please, for my daughters safety, and all all others who suffer with a mental illness; make sure they have full access to their medications and services they need.
Mary Worthen