2004Q-0151 Qualified Health Claim (QHC): soy protein and cancer
FDA Comment Number : EC423
Submitter : Mr. Davi Gilbert Date & Time: 05/06/2005 11:05:51
Organization : Greenstar
Category : International Public Citizen
Issue Areas/Comments
I wish to register my strongest opposition to the proposed legislation alowing a claim of cancer cure or protection against cancer being allowed on the labels of soy products. When products of a far superior efficacy are banned from making health claims it seems to be close to a criminal act to allow this when you prevent consumers benefiting from the same advice on the labels and literature of other products that do a saher and better job in the body.
If an employee of mine acted in this manner I would dismiss him and if I could prove that he had caused harm to someone by his actions I would be looking to have him prosecuted and held personally responsible and liable to make some form of restitution.
Please do not allow thiese claims while you deny the same rights to others who provide the consumer and voter with products that have far more benefit and are considerably safer.