2004Q-0151 Qualified Health Claim (QHC): soy protein and cancer
FDA Comment Number : EC336
Submitter : Mr. paul Barron Date & Time: 05/02/2005 06:05:30
Organization : BCI
Category : Federal Government
Issue Areas/Comments
The Government of The United States needs to remove itself from areas that are not affecting the welfare of the people. Food is the strongest "drug" that can change ones life completely. If you eat starches and losts of them you will get fat. Input over output and if you want to prevent cancer there are precautions that should be taken as both to our invironment both external and internal to the body. A person should be informed yeas but not regulated as to what they eat or drink and for what purpose. Natural foods heal and prevent disease. Prescription drugs no not heal, they cover up and sometimes remove symtems. We have seen many prescription drugs cause major side effects. Natural foods do not have side effects. So, let the public alone do not regulate foods. Regulate manufactured Drugs.

Paul E. Barron