2004N-0458 Dietary Supplements; Regulatory Strategy for the Further Implementation and Enforcement of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
FDA Comment Number : EC41
Submitter : Mr. nathan benton Date & Time: 07/18/2005 03:07:06
Organization : human rights
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
i am submitting this comment regarding recent bans on nutritional supplements. I do not agree with the bans on ephedra and pro-hormones. Used properly these products are beneficial and harmless. The misusers of these things shouldn't make it so we have to suffer a loss of our right to use these products. Furthermore, as a bodybuilder and buyer of many over the counter supplements, I do not want to see any more bans on things that are harmless when used properly. Too much of anything can be toxic. Oxygen, vitamins, even water. You are not banning those things. I have used prohormones in the past and they were very effective. They WERE a legal way to get stronger and bigger so people didn't have to resort to black market steroids. In my opinion, banning prohormones actually increased the amount of people buying illegal steroids. I don't want to see future bans on harmless things. I think the ban on prohormones should be reversed. Thank you.