2004N-0454 - Dietary Supplements; Premarket Notification for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications; Reopening of Comment Period
FDA Comment Number : EC96
Submitter : Dr. Roger De Haan Date & Time: 02/16/2005 07:02:47
Organization : Holistic Services
Dietary Supplement Industry
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
Dear Sirs: I note there is an international movement to restrict natural dietary supplements that have centuries of safe use by the common man. Much of the "science" this control maneuver is based on is pharmaceutical prejudice against the natural food industry. The health of our nation (and any nation for that matter) depends on freedom of choice and the ability to choose. We do not want our children to inherit expensive controlled substances which are really natural suppments at every level of their growth and life. PLEASE DO NOT GUT THE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT ACT PASSED BY CONGRESS in approximately 1994. Please do not submit to powerful national and international control interests. Please listen to the needs of the Public. The DEATH from existing "approved drugs" is probably 1000 fold any dangers from natural products. Please control pharmaceutical drugs better, keep bad ones off the market, and leave the traditional supplement market alone from control as drugs. They are foods and supplements, not drugs!
Submitted respectfully,
Dr. Roger L. De Haan