2004N-0454 - Dietary Supplements; Premarket Notification for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications; Reopening of Comment Period
FDA Comment Number : EC583
Submitter : Dr. Mary Battistella Date & Time: 02/23/2005 10:02:19
Organization : Complementary Therapy Comm ALVMA
Health Professional
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Issue Areas/Comments
As a consumer and prescriber of Homeopathics, Chinese herbal formulas, and many nutritional supplements, I have had in over 10 years of use less than a 1% adverse reaction to any of these supplements prescribed. The most common side effect was gastrointestinal upset. I wish that I could say the same of the prescription drugs that I have also prescribed, according to manufacturers specifications. We see anaphylaxis and sometimes death, liver failure, kidney failure, blindness, ulcerative gastritis from medications that we have available through our veterinary drug manufacturers for treatment of arthritis, infections, autoimmune problems, cancer. It is amazing to see the results of the use of complementary therapeutics in my practice. No, we don't make great sums of money using these modalities and going through the studies to use these modalities, but it is for our animals that are so much a part of our lives. We want to see them keep as much energy as possible, and to feel as good as they can, for as long as they can. We always work to "Do No Harm" Regulation of the materials we use as if they were a drug would make them almost nonaccessable to the consumer because of the expense. Pharmaceutical companies do not support the use of many of these neutraceuticals because there is not enough profit in them and they pose a competition. It has been interesting hearing the comments that acupuncture is one of the safest, viable replacements for some of the Cox inhibitors such as Vioxx recently removed from the market. My patients and clients rely on the herbal products and supplements I use for the comfort and health of their beloved pets. Product testing is good, but FDA type regulations on many of these herbal preparations would be causing more harm than good.