2004N-0454 - Dietary Supplements; Premarket Notification for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications; Reopening of Comment Period
FDA Comment Number : EC264
Submitter : Dr. Frankie Avalon Wolfe, PhD Date & Time: 02/22/2005 06:02:05
Organization : Healing Feats Holistic Health Services
Health Professional
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
I wish to express my desire to continue to keep our right to access dietary supplements. I am making this request as an individual consumer of supplements, and as a nutritionist who recommends quality supplements to my clients. Restricting safe supplements from the public access will severely impede on my practice. I also see that it is an insult to the public's intelligence that government wants to take away the public's freedom of making educated choices. My clients happen to be intelligent, thinking individuals. Granted, they consult with me as an expert for natural health guidance, (again, showing responsibility in their choices), but my clients also still make up their own minds to follow my recommendations. I do not feel it necessary to limit American's access to information on or free access to purchase and use dietary supplements. Thank you for your time.