2004N-0454 - Dietary Supplements; Premarket Notification for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications; Reopening of Comment Period
FDA Comment Number : EC156
Submitter : Ms. Kathy Mares Date & Time: 02/16/2005 08:02:54
Organization : Healthy Alternatinves Massage and Skin care
Health Professional
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
I would hope that supplements will remain accessable to all people so they may take control of thier health in anyway they see fit. By limiting or banning ingrediants in supplements,consumers are restricted when making personal healthcare decisions. Instead of banning or changing ingredients let's educate the public on correct usage. Or better yet, let's make education in this area manditory for healthcare workers, so they may help consumers make informed decisions. Our healthcare system has failed many people. Perscription drugs and allopathic medicine doesn't always work. Just think of the savings the insurance industry would accumulate if they made supplements part of the healthcare regime. The best way to cure illness is to prevent it, herbs and supplements can do that. Let's give people choices, not take them away. And let's start treating consumers as intellegent people who are fully capable of making thier own healthcare decisions. I feel this whole subject is motivated by greed, someone is not getting a big enough piece of the pie. Look closer, who is making the most noise? There is where you will find the companies or organizations who are feel thier bottom line might be in danger of slipping a little lower. This is not about responsible healthcare and choice, it's about money.
I urge you to take a closer look, who is this really hurting and why.