2004N-0382 Food Labeling: Safe Handling Statements: Labeling of Shell Eggs
FDA Comment Number : EC3
Submitter : Ms. Katrina Niolet Date & Time: 07/15/2005 05:07:56
Organization : ILdI Inc.
Category : Consumer Group
Issue Areas/Comments
An informal poll conducted by our organization, ILdI Inc., of 100 diverse individuals shows that 85% of consumers feel that the safe handling statement may appear inside of the egg carton, so long as the phrase 'Keep Refridgerated' is placed on the outside label. About 60% of the 85% felt that the safe handling statement may be on the inside of the carton only if printed in a large font. Around 5% of the 85% expressed concers over the ink used to print inside the carton coming into contact with the eggs. 90% of the 85% did not see any reason for a reffereal statement placed on the PDP.