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2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
Item Code
Received Date
FR Date
FR Page
Electronic form
C 27 06/02/2004 Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Michael J Eging     pdf
EMC 20 06/02/2004 Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation Carolyn R Aldige     txt, pdf
EMC 19 06/01/2004 Healthcare Distribution Management Association John Gray     txt, doc, pdf
C 26 06/01/2004 Canadian International Pharmacy Association       pdf
C 25 06/01/2004 E Kaplan MD E Kaplan MD      
C 24 06/01/2004 D Cantor D Cantor      
LET 6 06/01/2004 Health Canada Diane C Gorman     pdf
LET 5 06/01/2004 Congress of the United States, House of Representatives
James P McGovern     pdf
TS 80 06/01/2004 Cornell University Marcus M Reidenberg MD     pdf 1, pdf 2
LET 4 06/01/2004 Goernment of Province of Quebec, Canada Richard St-Cyr     pdf
LET 3 06/01/2004 Congress of the United States Hon Sherrod Brown     pdf
LET 2 06/01/2004 University of Arizona Health Sciences Center Raymond L Woosley MD Phd     pdf
C 23 06/01/2004 H Schouweiler H Schouweiler      
LET 1 06/01/2004 State of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty     pdf
C 22 06/01/2004 G J Moss G J Moss      
APE 22 06/01/2004 State of Wisconins J Doyle      
C 21 06/01/2004 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Henri R Manasse Jr PhD ScD     pdf
C 20 06/01/2004 NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) Andrew Sperling     pdf
C 19 06/01/2004 R E Smythe R E Smythe     pdf
C 18 06/01/2004 State of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty     pdf
TS 79 06/01/2004 Public Citizen's Health Research Group Peter Lurie MD MPH     pdf

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