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2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
Item Code
Received Date
FR Date
FR Page
Electronic form
EMC 22 06/11/2004 META Solutions, Inc. Kim Nitahara     pdf
EMC 21 06/11/2004 Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) THomas T. Kubic     pdf
C 32 06/15/2004 60 Plus Association Henry Hough     pdf
C 31 06/15/2004 Robbie Vierra-Lambert Spinal Cord Organization for Regaining Excellence (RVL SCORE)
CyCy Lambert     pdf
C 30 06/07/2004 Cardinal Health Robert P Giacalone     pdf
C 29 06/03/2004 Flex Products, Inc Claire A. Kammer     pdf
C 28 06/03/2004 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)
Carmen A. Catizone, MS, RPh, DPh     pdf
EC 63 06/03/2004 NAMImass Fisher, Tobias     html
EC 62 06/03/2004 Iowa Healthcare Access Network Getter, Doug     html
EC 61 06/03/2004 Foster, DeArra Foster, DeArra     html
EC 60 06/03/2004 Massachusetts Soc. of Health-System Pharmacists
Seaver, David     html
EC 59 06/03/2004 California Association of Black Lawyers AUSTIN, NEDRA     html
EC 58 06/03/2004 Indiana University Dept of Anesthesia/ Pain Gwirtz, Kenneth     html
EC 56 06/03/2004 Biotechnology Industry Organization Feldbaum, Carl     html
EC 57 06/03/2004 United Seniors Association Mahoney, Mary     html, Attachment doc, pdf
EC 55 06/03/2004 Biotechnology Industry Organization Feldbaum, Carl     html
EC 54 05/29/2004 Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg     html
EC 53 05/29/2004 American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians Irvin, John     html
EC 52 05/29/2004 Aurora Health Care Howe, G.Edwin     html
EC 51 05/29/2004 Pharmaceutical Security Institute Kubic, Thomas     html

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