2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC40
Submitter : Dr. Alina Urriola Date & Time: 05/18/2004 11:05:28
Organization : Dr. Alina Urriola
Health Professional
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
I think that the whole issue of evaluating the safety, financial impact, and overall feasibility of importing drugs is a complete deflection of the real problem.
The real problem is the lack of price regulations at home. Importing drugs, even in the safest of the cases, only creates more bureaucracy, more middle-men, and, overall, higher cost. Why can't Americans be direct consumers from American distribuitors and retailers? Why do we have to create revenues for foreign distribuitors, pay import taxes, and create more confussion for our elders?
A more cost effective approach would be for our government to do what goverments of the countries we are anticipating to import from, have done: put a cap on how much pharmaceutical companies can charge for their products.
With all due respect to members of the commission charged with studying this issue, I think it is a waste of time and money. Effort should instead focus on solving the root of the problem.