2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC38
Submitter : Mr. Guy Jordan Date & Time: 05/18/2004 11:05:34
Organization : Mr. Guy Jordan
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Issue Areas/Comments
FDA's Ability to Assure Safety
1. What should FDA do to assure safety of imported products?
I don't think the FDA can assure the safety of imported drugs. FDA should not certify the safety of imported drugs. How will I know the medicines dispensed to my family are from a US manufacturer? I do not want to recieve medicines made outside the US. If importation is allowed, how will you intercept counterfeit meds from third world countries? Current problems exist within our secondary market today. If you open up our borders to importation of foreign manufactured products, there will be an exponential increase in counterfeit products from other countries with little oversight.