2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC27
Submitter : Ms. Bonnie Hall Date & Time: 04/19/2004 01:04:59
Organization : Ms. Bonnie Hall
Individual Consumer
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Issue Areas/Comments
It is time that the large pharmacy companies stopped gouging the pockets of Americans whocan little afford the high prices. The objection that Canadian imports are unsafe is a lie, meant to fool the American public. However, young and old alike can see through this, and the FDA is fooling no one. However, we are aware that you are listening to high paid lobbyists for the pharmacy companies. Shame on you! Obviously Americans aren't going to take it anymore! Prior to discovering Canadian pharamcy prices I spent over $300 per month on a migraine medicine I take. I now spend a 1/4 of this. I sold family heirlooms to be able to afford the gouging prices of our American pharmacies. How dare Americans be subjected to such greed! I don't think there is a consience when it comes to how much money pharmacy companies want to make. As to the argument higher prices help pay for research, this is a lie as well. Wake up, the American people are intelligent!