2004N-0115 - Prescription Drug Importation; Public Meeting
FDA Comment Number : EC26
Submitter : Mr. Kurt Hoehne Date & Time: 04/19/2004 01:04:41
Organization : Mr. Kurt Hoehne
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1. What should FDA do to assure safety of imported products?
1. What should FDA do to assure safety of imported products?
Unfortunately more than it need to be if prices for prescription drugs were not so much higher here than abroad, at least in many cases. No individual would go to the trouble of ordering from Canada if he/she could get the same RX here for less.
The news that Abbott Labotatories has quintupled the price of its AIDS drug Norvil has hit the news, and a hearing by the Dept. of Health and Human Services will -or was- conducted as a general inquiry into the drug import qiestion. Personally I'm not interested in the drug Norvil, but I had a similar experience with the breast cancer drug Nolvadex, which as the generic tomoxifin was much less expensive in Germany, where I happened to visit at the time.

Norvil and many other drugs are developed with federal money through grants to universities and to pharmaceutical firms directly. Then why should the consumer, whose tax money was part of these grants, should not get the benefit thereof? Some people in government have long held the right to demand "reasonable" prices, but it wss never done.

The consumer as taxpayer paid already for the development of this drug, so if anything it should be LESS EXPENSIVE in the US than in foreign countries. The consumer is ripped off, clear and simple!

Mr. Secreatary Tommy Tompson should not continue to support the US drug industry in its greed for the highest prices in the world by not legalising drug imports from Canada and other Western countries.

In my opinion, many citizens, particularly seniors, will keep drug prices high in their important consideration when they go to the poll this November. We deserve better than the sham of a Medicare law that was passed last year.


Kurt Hoehne
Impact of Unapproved Drugs:
3. What evidence exists to substantiate these concerns?
Don't know
4. Can they be quantified?
Don't know
5. What is the scope and volume of FDA-approved drugs commercially available in other countries?
Improve inspection procedures at the border, or better yet, provide a list of foreign pharmacies that have been inspected and can therefore be approved.
1: What is the scope and volume of unapproved drugs entering the United States through mail shipments and at border crossings?
In my limited experience in ordering from Canada, I know of no safety problems
2. What are the safety concerns posed by these products?
No concern